Sidney Hayers


Violent Moment (1958)

The White Trap (1959)

Circus of Horrors (Le cirque des horreurs) (1960)

The Malpas Mystery (1960)

Echo of Barbara (1961)

Payroll (Les gangsters) (1961)

Night of the Eagle (id.) (1962)

This is My Street (Rue du péché) (1963)

Three Hats for Lisa (Trois chapeaux pour Lisa) (1965)

The Trap (L'aventure sauvage) (1966)

Finders Keepers (1966)

The Southern Star (L'étoile du Sud) (1968)

Mr. Jericho (1969)

Cause for Alarm ou The Firechasers (1970)

Assault (1970)

Revenge (Violence en sous-sol) (1971)

All Coppers are… (1972)

Deadly Strangers (Mortelle rencontre) (1974)

The Bananas Boat ou What Changed Charley Farthing ? (1974)

King Arthur, the Young Warlord (1975) [avec P. Jackson et P. Sasdy] 

Diagnosis : Murder (1975)

One Away (1976)

Conquest of the Earth (La conquête de la terre) (1981) [en co-réal.]