Alfred Santell


Beloved Rogues (1917)

Bandit Beware (1917)

The Magic Jazz-Bo (1917)

Out of the Bag (1917)

Vamping the Vamp (1918)

At Sword's Points (1918)

O, Susie Behave (1918)

Home, James (1918)

As You Were (1919)

Babies is Babies (1919)

It Might Happen to You (1920)

Hale and Hearty (1922)

Wildcat Jordan (1922)

Lights Out (1923)

Fools in the Dark (1924)

Empty Hearts (1924)

The Man Who Played Square (1924)

The Marriage Whirl (1925)

Parisian Nights (1925)

Classified (1925)

Bluebeard's Seven Wives (1926)

Sweet Daddies (1926)

The Dancer of Paris (1926)

Subway Sadie (1926)

Just Another Blonde (1926)

Orchids and Ermine (Mon cœur avait raison) (1927)

The Patent Leather Kid (1927)

The Gorilla (Le Gorille) (1927)

The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come (1928)

Show Girl (1928)

Wheel of Chance (La roue du destin) (1928)

This Is Heaven (La princesse et son taxi) (1929)

Twin Beds (1929)

Romance of the Rio Grande (1929)

The Arizona Kid (Le tigre de l'Arizona) (1930)

The Sea Wolf (Le loup des mers) (1930)

Body and Soul (1931)

Daddy Long Legs (Papa longues jambes) (1931)

Sob Sister (1931)

Polly of the Circus (Trapèze) (1932)

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1932)

Tess of the Storm Country (Tess au pays des haines) (1932)

Bondage (Maison de refuge) (1933)

The Right to Romance (Son premier amour) (1933)

The Life of Vergie Winters (Le calvaire de Flora Winters ou Hors la famille) (1934)

People Will Talk (1935)

A Feather in Her Hat (Une plume à son chapeau) (1935)

Winterset (Sous les ponts de New York) (1937)

Internes Can't Take Money (La loi du milieu) (1937)

Breakfast for Two (Déjeuner pour deux) (1937)

Cocoanut Grove (Noix-de-coco Bar) (1938)

Having Wonderful Time (On s’est bien amusés) (1938)

The Arkansas Traveler (1938)

Our Leading Citizen (1939)

Aloma of the South Seas (Aloma, princesse des îles) (1941)

Beyond the Blue Horizon (Mabok, l'éléphant du diable) (1942)

Jack London (La vie aventureuse de Jack London) (1943)

The Hairy Ape (La belle et la brute) (1944)

Mexicana (id.) (1945)

That Brennan Girl (Une fille perdue) (1946)