William McGann


On the Border (1930)

Los que Danzan ou Fin de Fiesta (1930) [avec A. del Diestro]

El Hombre Malo (1930) [version espagnole d’un film de J. Daumery, coréalisée avec R. Guzman] 

La Llama Sagrada (1931) [avec G.P. Yeme] 

La Dama Atrevida (1931) [avec G.P. Yeme]

I Like Your Nerve (1931)

The Silver Greyhound (1932)

Her Night Out (1932)

Illegal (id.) (1932)

Murder on the Second Floor (1932)

La Buenaventura (1934)

Maybe it's Love (1935)

Night at the Ritz (1935)

Man of Iron (L'homme de fer) (1935)

Freshman Love (1936)

Brides Are Like That (1936)

Times Square Playboy (1936)

Two Against the World ou One Fatal Hour (1936)

Hot Money (1936)

The Case of the Black Cat (Le mystère du chat noir) (1936)

Polo Joe (Fièvre de cheval) (1936)

Penrod and Sam (Les derniers hors-la-loi) (1937)

Marry the Girl (Mariez-vous!) (1937)

Sh ! The Octopus (1937)

Alcatraz Island (L'île du diable) (1938)

Penrod and His Twin Brother (1938)

When Were You Born (1938)

Girls on Probation (Jeunes filles en surveillance) (1938)

Blackwell's Island (1939)

Sweepstakes Winner (1939)

Everybody's Hobby (1939)

Pride of the Bluegrass (1939)

Wolf of New York (1940)

Dr. Christian Meets the Women (1940)

A Shot in the Dark (1940)

The Parson of Panamint (La cité perdue) (1941)

We Go Fast (1941)

Highway West (1941)

In Old California (Sacramento) (1942)

Tombstone, the Town Too Tough to Die (1942)

American Empire (Far West) (1942)