Monty Banks


Cocktails (1928)

Eve's Fall (1929)

The Compulsory Husband (1929)

Not so Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

Why Sailors Leave Home (1930)

Poor Old Bill (1930)

The Black Hand Gang (1930)

Almost a Honeymoon (1930) [version anglaise d’un film de H. Lachman]

Old Soldiers Never Die (1931)

What a Night (1931)

My Wife's Family (La famille de ma femme) (1931)

Tonight's the Night : Pass it on (Le grand soir) (1932)

Kiss me Sergeant (1932)

For the Love of Mike (1932)

Money for Nothing (1932)

L'amour et la veine (1932) [version française du précédent]

Heads we Go (La vedette et le mannequin) (1933)

You Made Me Love You (1933)

Leave it to me (1933)

Falling in Love (1934)

The Girl in Possession (1934)

The Church Mouse (1934)

Father and Son ou Trouble Ahead (1934)

Votre sourire (1934) [avec P. Caron]

Man of the Moment (1935)

So You won't Talk (1935)

Hello, Sweetheart (1935)

Butter and Egg Man (1935)

18 Minutes (id.) (1935)

No Limit (Sans limite) (1935)

Keep Your Seats Please (1936)

Queen of Hearts (Méprise) (1938)

We're Going to Be Rich (C’était son homme) (1938)

Keep Smiling (Toujours le sourire) (1938)

Shipyard Sally (La mascotte des chantiers) (1939)

Great Guns (Quel pétard !) (1941)